Benefits of Cannabis Use for Seniors

Are baby-boomers the new cannabis-boomers?

Our baby-boomers are back on the scene to set a new record. Indeed, baby-boomers were the ones who first fully integrated recreational marijuana in their social life in the 60’s and 70’s. Now in their mid-50’s and onwards, they are re-introducing marijuana in their daily life to enjoy the benefits of cannabis use for seniors.

“We hid it from our parents. We hid it from our kids. Now we don’t have to hide it anymore!” – OGW Customer

The statistics show that the use of marijuana has increased more than 250% among the elderly in the last decade and is on the rise. Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada since 2001 and in only a few months it will be legal for recreational purposes, too. Canadians are the largest marijuana consumers in the world, and Canada is the country where the age-range of consumers is wider too, extending to seniors. In recent years, the percentage of elderly people turning to medical cannabis to treat usual aging maladies like pain and insomnia, has increased fast and steadily. The reason is simple: the benefits of cannabis use for seniors highly surpass those offered by prescription drugs, and the results have proved to be much better.

Benefits of cannabis use for seniors:

As we age, our bodies are subject to huge changes. Cell functioning decreases, we start losing muscle mass and muscle tissue, and our brains start losing clarity. The benefits of cannabis use for seniors include helping people relieve the symptoms of these conditions without the unwanted side effects that most prescription drugs entail.

Cannabis can be helpful in the treatment of:

Chronic Pain

Most seniors suffer from chronic pain derived from fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoporosis, and other bone diseases. CBD products may offer huge pain relief by inhibiting the pro-inflammatory molecules in the body. Localized pain may be treated directly on the skin by means of cannabis oils, lotions, and creams- none of which reach the blood stream, thus preventing the psychoactive effect.


The indica-dominant strain of cannabis is perfect for getting a good sleep at night without feeling groggy the following morning. This cannabis strain is well-known for its relaxing effect. Seniors can take great advantage of marijuana and avoid the unpleasant side-effect that prescribed sleeping pills may produce.

Mental and Neurological Conditions

Some of the benefits of cannabis use for seniors are related to the treatment of neurological ailments that affect the elderly’s lives and those of their relatives. Depression, sleeping disorders, Alzheimer, and Multiple Sclerosis may be successfully treated with cannabis to improve a person’s lifestyle. For example, it’s been proven that low THC but high CBD strains of cannabis are good for controlling anxiety and improving depression conditions. Also, cannabis is useful to help relieve some MS symptoms like muscle spasms and pain, as well as promoting neurogenesis.  It may also benefit memory, thus reversing Alzheimer symptoms, and the list goes on.

From Crohn’s disease, Parkinson and glaucoma to loss of appetite, cancer, and dementia, cannabis is highly beneficial to treat most of our elderly’s aging maladies.


Benefits of Cannabis Use for Seniors | OG West Cannabis Society

How does cannabis work in our bodies?

The benefits of cannabis use for seniors lie in the fact that our bodies are prepared to take the best of the cannabinoids present in the plant. Our bodies possess an endocannabinoid system that regulates our immune system and other processes. As we age, this endogenous system starts to fail. Marijuana cannabinoids are helpful, because they trigger our endocannabinoid receptors and thus help our bodies start healing themselves again, so to speak.

This is great news if we consider that seniors tend to take several different prescription drugs daily. These drugs are generally strong and may create dependency. Let’s take opioids for example. Opioids in seniors can increase the risk of falling, produce mental confusion, and create dependency. Cannabis is innocuous when compared to them. Actually, nobody has ever died from a marijuana overdose. Have they?

In sum, it looks like in the 2000s our baby-boomers are at the forefront again, bringing us innovative solutions for the years to come. Let’s keep an eye on how they enjoy the benefits of cannabis use for seniors, and learn the lesson!

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