Top 10 Benefits of Marijuana

Let’s learn the top 10 benefits of marijuana and spread the word! The use of marijuana, be it recreational or medicinal, is certainly one of the most controversial topics around the globe. Physicians, scientists, politicians, cannabis cultivators, and people in general, everybody has a word on the matter, and opinions go from one extreme to the other. Yet, studies conducted mostly in Canada, Germany, and Israel have proved an undeniable truth: marijuana possesses many medicinal properties and it is not as addictive as other legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. This, in turn, leads us to another undeniable truth: there’s a lot to learn about cannabis before judging it.

What components of cannabis are beneficial?

Marijuana possesses more than 400 chemical components, most of which are still to be researched. Of the 60 cannabinoids present in the plant, two have been (and still are) subject to investigation. One is cannabidiol or CBD, which possesses many medicinal properties and has no psychoactive effects, and the other one is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is responsible for getting its users “high”. The top ten benefits of marijuana are related to these two components: cannabis offers great medicinal properties from the plant’s CBD and great recreational benefits from the THC.

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Top 10 benefits of marijuana:

Medicinal benefits of marijuana:

1- Treatment of chronic pain: this is number one use of cannabis. Chronic pain is the persistent pain that can prevent us from doing many activities. When it is severe, it may be treated with such opioids as Vicodin, but this pharmaceutical drug can create dependency and present several other side-effects. Contrary to this, marijuana offers pain-relief and is not addictive. It maybe recommended for the treatment of pain associated to arthritis, headaches, and the pain caused by spasms and tremors in MS.

2- Treatment of anxiety, depression and insomnia: Low doses of THC are effective in reducing stress and anxiety, including OCD. Marijuana has also been proved to ease depression while avoiding all the side effects that antidepressants like Prozac or Zoloft generate.

3- Treatment of addictions: Marijuana has been used in the treatment of addiction to hard drugs like heroin and cocaine, as it is believed to detox the organism and reduce the harms caused by these drugs. It is also being used for those struggling with alcoholism, as it is much safer and less addictive that liquor.

4- Treatment of cancer chemotherapy: Marijuana is effective at reducing the pain, vomiting and nausea produced by chemotherapy. Recent studies performed on lab animals also state that it can help slow the growth of certain cancer cells and reduce the spread of some types of cancer.

5- Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease: The fifth of our top 10 benefits of marijuana is the use of a mixture of THC and CBD to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer. This synthetic component can help people preserve their memory in better condition than with prescription drugs.

Recreational benefits of marijuana:

6- Enhances creativity: The consumption of marijuana helps people think out of the box, thus becoming more creative and inventive, as well as attaining greater verbal fluency.

7- Heightens the senses: Food tastes more delicious, music sounds better, and the world looks amazingly beautiful with a joint.

8- Awakens feelings of happiness and relaxation: Some cannabis strains can make users feel re-energized, alive and lively. Others can help you relax and enjoy whatever situation you’re experiencing in harmony.

9- Helps people lose inhibitions: This in turn, helps shy people to interact more freely with other people, exchange ideas, and socialize better.

10- Helps people accept others’ opinions and ideas: After a joint, marijuana users are able to be more open-minded, and thus receptive to ideas different to theirs.

These are just the top 10 benefits of marijuana. Yet, this wonder drug actually offers many, many more medicinal and recreational properties to enjoy, and a lot of research is yet to be conducted to obtain the best of it. We’ll keep you updated!

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